Bosoko Wiper Blades Quality Control

Bosoko Wiper Blades Quality Control

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Injection Molding Workshop

  1. It has more than 100 large injection molding machines with 400 tons, and the number of moulds is 2-3 times that of the same industry.

  2. The large-scale central feeding system is used to centralize the feeding of injection molding units, which is more environmentally friendly and efficient.

  3. Most of them use hot runner moulds, which have a short molding cycle, no production waste, improve product quality, and are more environmentally friendly and efficient.

  4. Our company has a mature and complete production system of wiper plastic parts (including joint fitting set, sheath, end buckle, lower cover, etc.), and creates the latest domestic PE board production line, which can adjust the cutting product length according to production demand, zero loss, and more efficient.

  5. Plastic raw materials are supplied by multinational company Toray Co., Ltd.

  6. Normal production can be achieved with only 20 people in shifts.

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Hardware Workshop

  1. The stamping workshop has 16 sets of Taiwan Jinfeng high-speed fine blanking to improve the stability of hardware components and the accuracy of finished products.

  2. With CNC molding production line, Radian tolerance is controlled within plus or minus 0.1mm

  3. The spring steel sheet is made of SK5 high carbon steel from BEKAERT Group of Belgium, which has excellent corrosion resistance, no post-plating, excellent resilience and excellent Radian shaping.

  4. The automatic spot welding machine for spring steel sheet is developed originally. the solder joint is uniform and stable, the tolerance is small, the port is firm, the double steel sheet is parallel and stable, and the efficiency is more than 5 times that of manual spot welding.

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Glue Strip Workshop

  1. The raw materials of adhesive strips are directly imported from Vietnam Dajin Cup, the polyisobutylene added in refining is imported from France, and the reinforcing agent is carbon black produced by Cabot, a top 500 company.

  2. It has a closed rubber production line in Taiwan, and all the ingredients are supplied by the central integrated system, accurate to gram.

  3. The strip production line allows natural rubber and other ingredients to be pressed into sheets after intensive production.

  4. It has 60 curing presses, using single-layer mold, setting temperature at 170 degrees and curing time for 200 seconds. The strip is vulcanized to improve the wear resistance and oxidation resistance of the strip.

  5. It has a fully automatic hydrochloric acid surface treatment production line, which is supplied by central integration, which can control the batching and pickling time more accurately, and avoid wiper filaments and abnormal noise.

  6. The production line for graphite surface treatment of adhesive strips can play the role of graphite lubrication, effectively reduce noise, prevent the damage of ultraviolet and ozone to adhesive strips, and prolong the service life of adhesive strips.

  7. It has a high-precision computer double-edge cutting machine, which makes the lips on both sides of the tape complete, and there is no waterline for upper and lower scraping. 

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Color Box Workshop

  1. Invest more than 10 million to import the brand-new Heidelberg 51color automatic printing machine from Germany with a printing speed of up to 14000 sheets per hour

  2. An automatic bonding production line is independently developed for wiper packaging color box to improve work efficiency.

  3. Systematically manage color box production and spot calls according to customer standardization or ODM requirements.

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Bubble Shell Workshop

It has a complete and scientific bubble shell production line to better solve the packaging and storage needs of wiper products.

Secondary Image Measuring Instrument
Ozone Resistant Static Tensile Tester
Shrapnel Hardness Tester
Rubber Densimeter
Tape Stretch Frame(Stretch 20)
Impact Testing Machine for Plastic Parts
Wear Resistance Testing Machine
Bench Wear Resistance Test
Compression Rebound Testing Machine
Salt Spray Test
Shrapnel Hardness Test
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